The below is a list of all the alt codes for gunbound, and a list of combo symbols you can use to make cool stuff and show off.

How to use the alt codes : 

First hold down the alt button and type the first set of numbers on the keypad Then let go

Second hold alt down again and enter the second set then let go.  This should make the symbol that you wanted.

The following, just right click and copy, then while in game Hold the shift button and hit insert
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Click here to see the list of combo symbols
Note: all these symbols still work in gunbound revolution, however they do not display the right way, this will possibly be fixed soon.
The Big Text Box
As seen below or at larger scale here.  Many people have asked me how to make it, The easy way is to just copy and paste.
The code below, simply copy and in game paste as many times as you can.  you can adjust the size if you want it smaller, all you must remember is after you enter one of these:    Place a single space after it.
(no longer works)
More Combo Symbols!  Click Here.